ReNew Life Website Review & Ratings + ReNew Life Coupons
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ReNew Life Website Review & Ratings + ReNew Life Coupons

ReNew Life: Products & Services

ReNew Life manufactures natural supplements and cleansers specifically tailored for digestive health. Their products are designed to promote overall health by maintaining the integrity of the digestive system. Our bodies cannot absorb nutrients efficiently if our digestive system is no in good working order. ReNew Life products cleanse the digestive tract of any and all impurities allowing it to work as nature intended.

ReNew Life products are available for a wide variety of ailments including:

But they don't just focus on the digestive system. ReNew Life also has supplements specifically for those individuals who are interested in:

ReNew Life uses only the purest ingredients to manufacture their supplements. They also do not use any chemical lubricants on their machinery, unlike many other nutritional supplement manufacturers. With ReNew Life's 60 day money back guarantee, customers can buy with confidence and rest assured that they are getting the finest products at affordable prices with absolutely no risk.

ReNew Life: Company Background

Brenda and Stan Watson started ReNew Life in 1997, and it has since become one of the leading manufacturers of natural digestive health supplements and cleansers. Brenda Watson has authored five books on the subject of digestive health and is one of the nation's foremost authorities on digestive health.

ReNew Life follows strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards during the manufacture of their products. The company also uses a slower manufacturing process than most other nutritional supplement manufacturers, alleviating the need to use  chemical lubricants and excipients on their machinery.

Mrs. Watson is also a member of ReNew Life's Clinical Advisory Board which also includes:

  • Leonard Smith, M.D. - a gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon who has studied holistic therapies for over 25 years
  • Joel Murphy, DVM, AVBP - a 25 year veteran in the area of holistic veterinary medicine and founder of The Animal & Bird Medical Center in Palm Harbor, FL.

Contacting ReNew Life

ReNew Life is located at the following address:

ReNew Life
198 Palm Harbor Blvd. (Alt. 19) South
Palm Harbor, FL  34683

Customer service can be reached via email, or by calling 800.830.1800.

ReNew Life: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Based on reviews found on websites such as Epinions and Viewpoints, customers are very happy with their purchases from ReNew Life. Customer satisfaction is also evident in the testimonials found on the ReNew Life website. Here is a sampling of some of the testimonials and reviews found for ReNew Life products:

“I began taking SMOKERS' CLEANSE and almost right away I had to reduce my consumption of nicotine because my system was flushing out toxins from smoking and the nicotine buzz came much quicker. After a month of only smoking up to maybe 5-7 cigarettes a day, I finally made a vow to not buy any more cigarettes and that I was letting go of the nicotine monster that had control of my subconscious. Thank you for creating this herbal complex as the nerve relaxation and the lung cleanse is a wonderful duo for the assistance of all whom are committed and ready to quit smoking.” - Jody, North Carolina

"I took a trip to Ethiopia a while back and picked up a few friends over there (tapeworms). I used this product and it worked wonders. It can be a bit trying, as it is a 35 day cleanse. But you can rest in the fact that it is so much better for you than any of the terrible antiobiotics that are generally prescribed for these types of problems.This product supports your body as it works on getting rid of the parasites." - Read More...

"Within a week after using the pain in my joints and in the heel of foot that hurts when I first get up is slowly dissappearing and my grey hair is turning back brown! I don't know if it's the diet or the killing of the parasite or both but something amazing is happening." - Read More...

"The softgels are very easy to swallow and have a slight orange flavor. I never have to burp or feel like there is something stuck in my throat after swallowing the pills. I've been taking these for 2 months and I haven't has as bad of cramps as I normally do around my menstrual cycle." - Read More...

"ORGANIC TRIPLE FIBER has played an incredible role in the steady and continuing rise of my good health. Regular elimination has helped with my overall health and has helped me greatly with constipation. This product has been a true Godsend. Thank you!” - Jim from Florida 

“I recently went to a health food store to find something to help balance my liver enzymes and the owner of the store recommended CRITICAL LIVER SUPPORT. A short while later, I just had to go back and thank this health food store owner for the recommendation! I love the product and my doctor told me to keep doing what I’m doing because there is no way I could have balanced my liver enzymes with food alone. Thank you for your great product!” - Carol from Texas

ReNew Life: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

ReNew Life is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau. They are, however, rated by the BBB with an B+ (on a scale of A+ to F). The company has had one complaint filed by customers with the BBB in the past 3 years, which was recently closed in the past year. The complaint was related to products/services and was resolved to the customer's satisfaction. No other information on the complaint was available.

ReNew Life: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to the information gathered and provided by websites such as Alexa, and Compete, ReNew Life is a fairly popular website. On Alexa, ReNew Life has a global ranking of 153,468 and a US ranking of 31,869 (the Alexa website states a website that has a ranking better than 100,000 is popular site). The site has 852 sites that backlink to theirs and a bounce rate of 46 percent. The audience for this site is primarily women with children between the ages of 45 and 54 with some college education who were browsing from home. On Compete, ReNew Life is ranked 35,197 with a competitive rank of one and has 52,006 unique visitors to their site monthly. ReNew Life has a Google PageRank of four out of ten.

ReNew Life: Social Media Presence

ReNew Life has a strong and growing social media presence. They currently have 7,949 "likes" on their Facebook page, which is used to promote their products and share upcoming lectures with their customers. On Twitter, they have 2,059 followers and have composed 467 tweets, most of which share health related articles with their followers.

ReNew Life also has a YouTube Channel that currently has 67 subscribers, and their videos have had 59,520 views. They have uploaded 105 videos, which describe many of their products and their benefits.

The company also has a Google+ page with 18 Google +'s. Approximately 13 people have Renew Life in their circle. They also have a Pinterest profile with 43 followers, 43 pins and nine pinboards. The company's Google + page and Pinterest Profile are recent additions to their social media presence.

ReNew Life also maintains a blog which is updated two to three times per week. A forum is also available for customers to ask questions and discuss ReNew Life products as well as other health related issues.

ReNew Life: Website Security & Safety

Customers can feel confident purchasing products on the ReNew Life website. The company takes internet safety very seriously and values their customers' privacy. ReNew Life uses cookies to identify customers and customize their experience when they visit the site. The company also collects customer data such as IP addresses, browser type, computer operating system, and the address of the referring website (if any), which is kept anonymous and only used for website analytics.

ReNew Life also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect this sensitive information during the customer's browsing experience and checkout process. This can be verified by the https:// in the upper left corner of the browser in the address window.

The Google Safe Browsing Tool verifies the safety of this website. None of the three pages Google visited in the past 90 days on the ReNew Life website were found to be suspicious, and they did not contain any malware that was unknowingly downloaded when they were viewed. The site is hosted on one AS21844 (THEPLANET) network.

ReNew Life: Pricing & Packages

When compared to similar companies such as Yerba and Nature's Secret, ReNew Life has very competitive proces. Here is a sampling of some of their products and their prices to give you a better idea of their pricing policy:

ReNew Life: Shipping Rates & Policies

ReNew Life offers free shipping on all orders over $25.00 as well as an auto-delivery service which ships your product at specific intervals automatically. Customers can easily change their shipping schedule, the quantity of their purchases or cancel their auto-delivery at any time. Shipping on all products is free when customers sign up for the auto-delivery feature.

ReNew Life does not currently ship internationally or to PO boxes; however, shipping is available to AP/AE/AA addresses.

ReNew Life: Payment Methods Accepted

ReNew Life accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). Debit cards are accepted as long as they have the Visa or MasterCard logo on them, but it must be used as a credit card. PIN numbers can't be used. They do not accept Paypal, personal checks or money orders at this time.

ReNew Life: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Customers can buy with confidence when making purchases from ReNew Life. All of their products are backed by their 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact customer service (800.830.1800) for instructions on how to return your package for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling).

Renew Life: Product images & screenshots
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Get Free Shipping @ Renew Life
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